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Perks, Benefits & Tiers

  • What if I lose my card?
    • You should see staff at your nearest venue to be reissued with a new card.
  • How can I update my details?
    • You can update your details with management at any Publinc Pub.
  • How do I spend points in venue?
    • When making food and drink purchases in Publinc venues, simply present your barcode on your Publinc app or your membership card to staff at the point of purchase. To use your points for purchases at Publinc partner restaurants, simply redeem your points voucher at the kiosk and present this at the point of purchase at our partner restaurants.
  • Will my points expire?
    • Points expire every June and December, so be sure to redeem them before point expiry.
  • How do I move up to a higher tier?
    • By earning the required number of Community points within any 30 day period. The more you can give back to your community, the more benefits you will receive! If you qualify for a higher tier, we’ll let you know.
  • Can I be moved down a tier?
    • Yes. We will review your tier status one year after entering a tier. To maintain your tier status, you must average a monthly community point earning rate of at least 80% of what is required to enter your tier.
  • How much are my Publinc points worth?
    • 1 Publinc point equals 1c.


Pledging & Nominating Community Groups

  • How do I earn community points?
    • By using your card every time you visit.
  • How much are my community points worth?
    • 1 community point equals 1c.
  • When can I pledge my community points?
    • You can pledge your community points at any time when you have a balance of 100 community points or more. This can be done at your local at our pledging stations or on the website under Pledge.
  • Will pledging my points affect my points I have to spend in the venue?
    • No, your Publinc Points and Community Points are separate. Publinc points are all yours to spend and Community Points are for local causes and for making a difference to your local community.
  • What happens if I don’t pledge my community points?
    • Your community points will remain on your account for 6 months. If you don’t pledge your community points within the 6 months, they will expire. This will take place every June and December. So get pledging!
  • Who can be on the  Publinc Peer recipient list?
    • Any local community group, not-for-profit organisation or charity can be on the recipient list as a Publinc Peer. This may include your local school P+C, hospital, charity or sporting club. They must meet the recipient criteria in order to become an approved Publinc Peer.
  • How can my organisation be added to the Publinc Peer recipient list?
    • Any Publinc Communities member or staff team member may nominate a community group to be added to the Publinc Peer recipient list on our website www.publinc.com.au or with the Venue Manager at your local Publinc Communities venue. If approved, your nominated group will be added to the approved venue Peer list the following quarter.

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