11th November 2022

25,000 men reached through mental health sessions

There’s a shared passion between our friends at Unanderra Hotel and Lakeview Hotel with their Publinc Communities peer, #talk2mebro. That passion is supporting men’s mental health, a widespread-issue that impacts many people in our communities.

Members at Unanderra Hotel and Lakeview Hotel have pledged more than $21,600 to #talk2mebro since September, 2020. This admirable organisation facilitates workshops that aim to reduce the rate of suicide among men, with their motto being “brothers don’t let brothers fight alone”.

The funds raised through Publinc has allowed these workshops to be extend throughout the Illawarra region as well as to indigenous communities in regional and remote areas.

We've now reached 25,000 people through the sessions we’ve facilitated, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help from all the members of Lakeview Hotel and Unanderra Hotel.
—Jack Brown #talk2mebro

Find out more about the incredible work Jack and the team do for #talk2mebro here


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