17th March 2023

The Unstoppable Spirit of Figtree Crushers

If you are a local at Figtree Hotel, the story of the Figtree Crushers Rugby League Club is the stuff classic pub tales are made of. It's a tale of friendship, determination, and teamwork that really captures what the Figtree community is all about. 

A couple of years ago, a few of the loveable Figtree locals were enjoying a beer at Figgy Hotel, reminiscing and sharing glory day stories of playing footy for Figtree Crushers. After many failed comeback attempts, they struck up a conversation with Figtree Hotel Venue Managers, Andrew and Taylor about supporting their return to competition footy. Andrew said, “Show me you have the community support and Figtree Hotel will be your major sponsor”. 
With the support of Figtree behind them, in 2019, the Crushers were reborn. 

The Figgy team described the Crushers’ revival as “a great achievement for the whole Figtree community. A lot of time and effort went into getting the club formed with lots of hoops to jump through. Seeing all the players and supporters wearing their bright lime green polos in the pub after a game made it all worthwhile. To win the Grand Final in a "crushing" victory was the icing on the cake!” 

The Crushers have been Publinc Communities peers since its launch in 2020 which meant that newly reformed club was going to receive even more support from the Figtree Hotel and their community. 

If you asked Paul, Brett and Scott what they love about their pub community, they would say “the good thing about being a part of Publinc is everyone works together.” They shared that they are known to enjoy a game of golf with the Figtree golf club and it’s the norm for the peers at Figtree to support each other. 

The support isn’t just between peers, with the Hotel staff regularly volunteering at, and attending home games to show their support for the beloved team. 

Thank you, Figtree Crushers, for being a much-loved part of our pub community, Figtree Hotel wouldn’t be the same without Crushers corner and a big thank you to our wonderful members at Figtree Hotel, without you, we wouldn’t be sharing this story. 


The Unstoppable Spirit of Figtree Crushers The Unstoppable Spirit of Figtree Crushers


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