18 February 2022

Pledges helping Sunnyfield bring joy and togetherness

Sunnyfield Disability Services have been a part of the Publinc Communities family from our beginning in 2020. Their mission to enrich the lives of people with a disability by providing opportunity, choice and skills for life was recognised by our teams and our members as a cause very worthy of support.

On a daily basis Sunnyfield provide over 2,000 services for people with disability, including children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Our Publinc Communities family are grateful to be able support Sunnyfield drastically improve the quality of life of their clients, who are also members of our local communities.

Eleven of our Pubs support four Sunnyfield Hubs. Pledged contributions now exceed $87,000, which have gone directly to funding new day programmes for clients and upgrading Hub environments with new furniture, equipment and innovative new technologies. These enhancements are improving the quality of life for hundreds of individuals and families in our communities.

One fantastic example of new technology having a great impact is Guildford Hub’s ToverTafel (Magic Table) which supports social connectivity and brings joy lives of their clients, daily. Checkout the video to see the magic in action.



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