22nd July 2022

Crown Hotel Community Event shines a light on making a difference

The latest Community Event at Crown Hotel in June 2022 saw our Revesby locals come together to celebrate the wonderful ways their community points have provided assistance to Little Wings, Sunnyfield Bexley and Moving Forward - just a few of our Publinc Communities Peers. 

Among the good times, one story shared by Little Wings CEO Claire was nothing short of inspirational. One of their passengers was just 5 years old when she suffered severe burns across her body. Now 10 years old, she is still flown to and from hospital by Little Wings for skin grafts and will need to continue doing so until she’s around 18 years old. 

During one of her recent trips, she asked the Little Wings team who funds her flights, and learned that our members contribute to Little Wings through Publinc Communities in local pubs. She was so moved that people she didn’t know were willing to help, that she has now started collecting bottles to help fund another child’s potentially life-saving trip to hospital with Little Wings. 

Stories like this, and the impact our members make to local communities everyday, continues to inspire us and we thank you for supporting amazing causes like Little Wings through good times at your local.



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